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What You Need to Know About Us?


Who We Are?


The Singing Sensation Team! How does the Lord Keep Us so Close To Him? He has won the Oil of Joy (Hebrews Chapter 1) from His Father for His Victory in saving us from perishing! He Can Pour Out His Sweet Oil of Joy as much as He wants! Thank You Jesus! Thank You for sharing this with Me!"  Ali - Risen Jesus-Ali JKChrist!



Kingdom Telegrams
By The Risen Lord Jesus Christ and His Friend Ali -  Team Work!

Our Song! What brings us together to celebrate with The Lord Jesus and His Friends? Well... It is a song of love and sorrow and a song that celebrates God's faithfulness and Joy of Calling Me - Ali - His daughter and Jesus - His Son! Thank You Heavenly Father for Your Great love and Choosing Us to sing together! A Family as God has created us and Birthed us, Born Again by His Spirit, I cry out Father! Sealed and Known By The Holy Spirit! Together, We Roll! Christ in Me by His Spirit, and My Father protecting and walking with Me. In Jesus Christ Name!



Exceeding Expectations

The Lord Jesus is the One Worthy to Read the Scroll! Without His Help - We won't know the Secrets of God's heart. So we Count on the Lord Jesus to Help Us Hear, Know and Encourage this Service.
"We are Honored to Serve together". Risen Jesus-Ali Team.

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The Son's Hat

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Jesus & Me

For Home & Heart

ASK Me Ministries

Seek First The King &

His Kingdom

A Leg Up Advocacy

Legal Advocate for Hebrews Cafe .Canada.

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